I produce tailor-made street maps to suit the client’s needs (e.g. Real Estate Agents, Pizza Hut, and Emergency Services).

I can produce Interactive Street Maps for websites or hard copies which can be off-set printed using the CMYK colour printing process, or made into a poster. For large towns a grid and a street index is added. Logos can also be added.

I can also produce monochrome maps. From my point of view there is no cost difference between colour or monochrome cartography – the difference is in printing costs.

I can work with any reputable printer in NZ. Printing colour maps is highly skilled work and requires accurate registration. I supply laser-copied proof maps at 95% actual size (cropping by the copier does not allow 100% unless the map is less than page size).

Only when the client is completely satisfied I will supply a 300dpi resolution JPEG, Adobe Illustrator or PDF file to the printer along with detailed printing instructions. The client need only secure printing quotes, nominate a printer, and pay the printer’s invoice after receipt of the maps – I do all the rest of the work with the printer.